Here’s what people are saying about the The Bitter Suite:

It’s a deep-tissue massage, a respite from the madness of the world, a Calgon soak taking you away, it’s The Bitter Suite, a soul wash from the refreshingly revitalized Carmen Rodgers. Welcome Back.

—L. Michael Gipson, Editor of, Blog Leader at BET/Centric Soul Sessions

Once again, Carmen Rodgers nails it! Listening to this album, I hear her growth, development, experience, strength as well as sensitivity. It served as a window of her soul and I saw my reflection. We grew together. This wait for her second album was so worth it. She delivered and fed my soul.

~ Jodine from

Like the old saying “you’re beautiful when you’re angry,” Carmen Rodgers sounds really good when she’s bitter. And the EP The Bitter Suite captures beautifully the stages of hurt, anger and resignation of a love gone bad. The gentle song “Home” instantly moves to my list of early favorites for 2010. So now I’ll wait to hear the full story in her upcoming album, Intermission, hoping that Carmen sounds as good making up as she does breaking up.

– Chris Rizik,

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