Artist: Carmen Rodgers
Label: Candigirl Music / Acoustical Endeavors
Produced By: The DigiBees
Director / DP: Jirard
Editor: Danielle “Pockett” Brown / Jirard
Makeup / Styling: Nina Albari
Treatment: Carmen Rodgers / Victoria Lynn Childress
Co-Starring: James Bing

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5 Responses to “WORLD PREMIER VIDEO “It’s Me””
  1. John Brown says:


    This is a bad ass song baby girl!!! I am really proud of you!!
    You have really grown as a woman, and I love your choice of the soft and sultry vocals on this one!!!
    I am really glad that all of your dreams are coming true, and you are doing what you love to do.

    Keep up the great work, and I will always support any project you do.

    Your friend always,


  2. Very nice song. The track was hot. Not sure if I understood the graveyard, death thing but hey, the song is hot!!

  3. Kimberly Ballard- Madison (KB) says:

    Carmen I love the new music and the video. I am soooooo proud of you sister!!!
    Love You!

    Kb- Madison (izzze married now)

    Dallas, TX


  4. Toyin Agbetu says:

    Carmen, you are a classic soul artist offering us class and quality in a sea of urban banality. Thank you for creating and sharing this song and sublime video with us. I was originally saddened to see the ‘mood’ shift in the Bitter Suite from the superb Free set but I understand life takes us where it takes us – it’s me reflects where you are now and hopefully you are on your way to releasing the Happy Suite!


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